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We believe that everyone deserves to have a peace of mind, faith in themselves and to reach their full potential without being limited by discrimination.


Our mission is mental health support for LGBT+ community in Poland.

Sexual identity is shaped between the ages of 13-16.

It is also when young people in Poland develop a variety of psychological issues and a lack of self-acceptance. According to research conducted by Campaign Against Homophobia 69,4% of LGBTQIPA+ teenagers in Poland have suicidal thoughts and 49,6% show signs of depression. We can not ignore these shocking findings. 

👊 We want change. We do not accept the current reality!
👊 We want to build a society in which non-heteronormative people feel safe and not alienated due to something as natural as their sexual identity or orientation.
👊 We want an environment in which a LGBTQIA individual can focus on their growth, on building the best version of themselves and not on a constant fight for themselves which pushes them into such dark places as suicide.
👊 We want a country in which different does not mean lesser

Tęcza Po Burzy Foundation
(Rainbow After Rain Foundation)


Rainbow knowledge, psychopositive content, inspiring LGBTQIA individuals.