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Angelika Wrona she/her
Founder | CEO 

+ Science Comms at King's College London

+ Videocreator

+ Photographer


She is so fascinated by the human mind that she started a second master’s degree in neuroscience. She directs short videos, creates content, likes to travel and have a dance.

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Kamila Strugałshe/her
Project Co-ordinator

+ Psychology Master's Student 


Her interests include cinema, sexology,

pop culture and Asian cuisine.

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Michał Mikłaszewski he/him
Inclusive Language Specialist

+ Recruitment Specialist

+ Linguist | Artist | Tattoo Artist

Interested in sociolinguistics, inclusive language,

the mutual influence of society and
language on one another, human rights, animal rights, art and video games.

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Zhalie Maria Jakubczak she/her & they/her
Psychological Support Project Co-ordinator

+ Clinical Support Psychologist

at Muncipal Centre for Drug Addiction Prevention in Krakow


She is interested in sexology and psychological impairments. Her passions are
sailing, music and computer games.


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Greta Pękała she/her
Board Member

+ Psychologist

+ Co-Founder of Rainbow Tarnów 

In her free time, she is involved in creating infographics, playing single and multiplayer games,

and she cares for two destroyers

of worlds (parrots).

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Aleksandra Owca she/her
Board Member

+ Legal Avdsior

A Krakow-based lawyer, politician and campaigner. Councillor in the Razem Party.
Community worker and activist. Campaigner for legal rights for LGBT+ people, women’s rights and environmental protection.

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Kamil Błoch on/jego
Board Member

+ Co-Founder of Men's Performative Group & Sensitive Men Foundation


Queer man, creative, co-creator and leader of men’s circles.

Actor, director, poet, a lover of free time and good company.

A quicksilver and pure joy.


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Joanna Gamracy she/her

+ Manager at Qualtrics

Says that, ‘’Life is a novel which and it's ok to have enough of it!’’

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Izabela Tempka she/her
Graphic Designer for Rainbow After Rain Magazine

+ IG: @paintmemoon

Graphic Designer and Illustrator by day, neurotic fangirl… also by day!


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