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What steps have we taken?

1) We collected 3,526 signatures under our appeal

2) We sent an open letter to councillors  

3) We created a mass email action to councillors

4) We featured in a two-part podcast run by Democracy Action where we spoke about:

- "LGBT free zones" in Poland, where the came from and how they impact us (listen here)

- various faces of local activism for LGBTQIAP+ and minority stress (to be published soon!)

5) We recorded an interview with the amazing Kasia Gauza (watch here)

Lesser Poland Voivodeship is home for everyone who wants to live there and be part of the local community, our Lesser Poland. We won't allow for our society to be divided!

The disgraceful declaration no. 1/19 passed by Lesser Poland Voivodeship Council on 29 April 2019 which described LGBT+ people as an ideology (link) is now a thing of the past.

Thank you to everyone who took part!


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